Tempe Police Releases Video From Fatal Uber-Crash

Tempe police released a video showing the exterior and interior view prior to the first fatal crash with a self-driving car.

The video shows how the woman with the bicycle only becomes visible barely a second before she got hit. The victim seems to make no efforts paying attention to traffic while crossing the street.

The question remains, why the car didn’t notice the woman.

What is also visible (and striking) is that the safety driver seems to be distracted and has his eyes looking down inside the car. Without excusing the driver, even with paying full attention to traffic it would have been really hard to detect the pedestrian in time.

This article has also been published in German.


  1. Keep in mind the human eye has a much higher dynamic range than the camera that made this video. So if this guy would have paid attention he should have seen her, assuming he’s not blind in the dark.


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