Google Self-driving Mini-car Spotted in the Wild!!!

Google self-driving mini car

Today, I saw the future happening right now. There has been so much talk about the risks and dangers of autonomous cars, mostly from people who have never seen one live, but have an opinion. And then I drive down in Mountain View / Palo Alto along the San Antonio Road and right there is not one of the experimental self-driving cars using a standard Lexus, but one of the steering wheel less, small, two passenger Google/googly cars. Notice the Lidar system on top of the car, and the shape of the back mirrors with sensors built in.

And suddenly it all looked so real, so normal, so not worth all the fear-mongering that some people have been doing. And so real, and not just far-in-the-future talk that the incumbent manufacturers such as Mercedes or BMW want to tell us. And how tough it is. And how it will never really totally work, because driving yourself is so much joy of driving.

Guess what: two teenage girls were taking the ride, and the car just smoothly and safely blended into the traffic. Watch the short video that I was able to take.

Here again we realize what has been said before:

People said it’s impossible. Then somebody who didn’t know that just did it.

And this is the Silicon Valley Spirit: Just do it. Get shit done! And don’t just go for the low-hanging fruits. Everyone can do the low-hanging fruits. But doing the hard things, this is where the wannabes separate from the real innovators.

Are you a wannabe or do the real and hard things? Are you the one who’s preventing good stuff happening or making it happen? It’s your decision!

This article was originally posted on LinkedIn.

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