Electric cars, autonomous driving or the fuel cell are the subject of many myths that like to spread and be disseminated about such new and confusing topics. Here is a collection of helpful details about single topics, which should refute wrong but common arguments and bring some useful facts.

Electric Vehicle Myths

What about the electricity we need from electric cars, the energy we need to provide gasoline or diesel, and the efficiency of electric motors?

Here’s a chart from a study by The International Council on Clean Transportation that shows emissions over the life cycle of internal combustion engine (ICE) and battery electric vehicle (BEV) powertrains:

Here are more links with detailed breakdowns and numbers:

How environmentally friendly are batteries, how long do they last, and what happens when they can no longer be used in cars?

EVs in a traffic jam

e-Fuel Myths

Lifecycle CO2 emissions for ICE, e-fuels and EVs
(C) UPDATE – T&Eʼs analysis of electric car lifecycle CO₂ e

Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Myths

Is the fuel cell, which is powered only by hydrogen, the solution? How does it work and what is the energy balance of hydrogen?

Fossil Fuels

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