Electric Vehicle Myths: How Efficient Is Our Fuel Supply Chain?

Discussing electric vehicles always raises questions about the required electricity, once all cars are electric and replaced Diesel or gasoline cars.

What is often forgotten is that in order to drill, transport, refine, and make liquid fuels available at gas stations a lot of energy – including in form of electricity – is already used today. How much energy exactly is demonstrated in the following video.

Here are also more links with further data:

  1. The Energy Costs of Oil Production
  2. What is a refinery?
  3. Hidden Costs of Energy
  4. Pump, the Movie

This article was also published in German.


  1. Would be interesting to see the direct comparison to a electric vehicle in the same model. Moving the car plus passenger should be a little higher due to the battery weight, but how about the rest of the electricity supply chain?


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