A peak into Google’s self-driving car [VIDEO]

Google self-driving car

The newest attraction of the highly recommended Computer History Museum in Mountain View in California is one of Google’s self-driving mini-cars. Those have no steering wheel or gas pedals anymore. And why should they? A fully autonomous car of Level 4 does not expect a passenger to take control at any time, except telling the car the destination.

You can clearly see the different sensors, the nose in the front or the Lidar on top. Also note that the mirrors are actually useless for the car, but required by the NHTSA. Their regulation still center the controls around a human driver.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What I noticed is how tall and spacious the car is. One can very comfortably step into the car and have still a lot of room above the head.

An overview of more autonomous car initiatives in Silicon Valley can be found here.

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