Autonomous Vehicle Startup Zoox evaluated at $1.55bn

A new investment round of 50 million Dollar raised the evaluation of Zoox to 1.55bn Dollars, as reported by  The Wall Street Journal. The secretive startup that is located in Menlo Park has recently raised 200 million Dollar, in addition to the already 40 million fro other rounds.

Zoox won’t sell it’s cars to private parties, but is planning to offer a service like Uber. The Zoox car is completely reimagined of what a car and what mobility are. Seats for example are positioned opposite each other and the car can drive in both directions.

The startup was founded by Jesse Levinson and Tim Kentley-Klay. Levinson was a researcher in Stanford’s self-driving car group, Kentley-Klay is an Australian entrepreneur. Although Zoox was founded only two years ago, it already employees over 100 people, with some of them coming from Tesla, Alphabet, or Apple.

Investors expect that autonomous cars by Zox will be on the roads by 2020.

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