Porsche passes on developing autonomous vehicles

Current trends of developing autonomous vehicles are regarded skeptically by some manufactures. After Ferrari-boss Sergio Marchionne also Porsche-CEO Oliver Blume publicly spoke against them.

In an interview with the British Autocar-magazine Blume stated that a niche manufacturer in the car industry such as Porsche has to deal differently with this kind of development.

“When you buy a Porsche, you will drive it yourself,” he said and added, “At the moment we do not think about a full version of robotic driving, we are thinking about features to combine with the real Porsche genes, so at the end you still have a real Porsche.” According to Blume those features shall find use when a driver is in a traffic jam or has no time or interest to find a parking space on the way to a restaurant.

The interview did not cover whether a autonomous Porsche could give a better Porsche performance experience than a manually controlled one. A Porsche could be equipped with driving patterns of race car drivers and a rider could experience a road in a race style of Sebastian Vettel or Nico Rosberg.

However Blume does not reject all current innovation trends. The electrification efforts of the Porsche Mission E are key, but there are no plans for an electric 911.

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