Tesla with big red stop-button spotted

Multiple sightings of a Tesla Model S P85D with a big red button were reported. I encountered the vehicle on September 25th, 2016 parked in Palo Alto near California Avenue.  Today startup founder David Hodge tweeted a picture of the car.

What’s immediately visible is a big red button on the right side of the central display, on a yellow mounting with a key in the button. The vehicle has a manufacturer license plate, which indicates that Tesla registered the car and uses it for test or company purposes. Confusing is the state of the car that points to heavy usage, as well as the children seats on the back seat. Is it a car that’s been tested under extreme conditions – such as with kids on the back seat – while it’s been testing some new functions that need to have an emergency stop button or booster button? Chittichittibangbang-wings? Children-sleep-o-matic? Combustion-engine-sound-button?

Any hints are appreciated!

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