BMW Electric Scooter Concept Link

Following the BMW Vision Next, the Bavarian manufacturer introduced another concept vehicle. The BMW Concept Link is an electric scooter that satisfies the lifestyle needs of a contemporary startup nomad.

Edgars Heinrich, head of BMW’s motorbike design team, purposefully left traditional instrument panels out of the design. Speed, battery status, and navigation system are instead projected on the screen, and the rest of the information is available on a touchscreen tablet placed above the knees of the rider. As expected by the rider the scooter can connect to the rider’s smartphone.

The vehicle also has a reverse gear, as well as exchangeable panels that come in different colors. Instead lifting the seat to access the storage compartment, there are sliding doors on the side. Those doors are controlled through sliding gestures. Wave once and it opens, wave a second time and it closes without need of a key. The electric motor is not hidden by panels and exposes its design. The scooter can be charged through induction to serve the rider with fresh juice..

This article has also been published in German.

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