Model S – 3 – X and now Y: Tesla Teases With Model Y Image

Tesla Model Y Teaser

At Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting in the Computer History Museum in Mountain View Tesla-CEO Elon Musk gave insight in the results and the plans. He showed a teaser image of a Model Y SUV, which is scheduled for around 2020. He also showed an image of an all electric semi-truck. With the Y the model series would be complete and spell out S-3-X-Y.

The Model Y will be built on a new platform architecture, which will be ready late 2019 or 2020. Noticeable are the missing mirrors. Also the battery architecture will change, removing the lead batteries and using less wiring, which will allow a higher degree of automation for production and reduce costs.

Tesla Model Y Teaser

The new platform architecture of the Model Y also requires a new factory. Currently Tesla is closing the search for three Gigafactory-locations. Musk said that Tesla will need at least ten, maybe even up to twenty Gigafactories.

This year Tesla will be doubling the number of supercharger stations, as well as next year again. Also this year Tesla wants to demonstrate a fully autonomous Tesla driving from a parking lot in LA to a parking lot in NY without the interference of a driver.

Today Tesla’s share price went on a rally and increased by more than five percent, which brings it’s market capitalization now to 59.23 billion dollars (52.53 billion Euro), which is 2.53 billion Euros short of BMW that was at 55.06 billion dollars today.


Musks presentation starts in the video recording at the 8:50 mark.

This article has also been published in German.


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