Apple’s Autonomous Car Spotted With Overload of Sensors

The Apple insider website MacRumors published a series of photos of a Lexus SUV overloaded with sensors. A total of 14 lidars are mounted on the roof, as well as 6 cameras, 6 radars, and four yellow ultrasound sensors(?)

This test vehicle is rumored to be operated by Apple and was spotted close to Apple’s office that houses the autonomous driving department. Even now that Apple has stopped the development of an Apple car, the company is working on a platform for autonomous driving.

We have reported first about an Apple test vehicle that we encountered in Palo Alto. In April Apple received an official license from the California DMV to test autonomous vehicles on public roads.

Also other Apple vehicle with similar mounts have been spotted in San Jose.

Apple autonomous car in San Jose

This article has also been published in German.


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