New Drone Flyover Shows More Tesla Model 3 Deliveries

Last week a drone video showed hundreds of Model 3 parked on lots around the Tesla factory in Fremont. While most interpreted the sightings as sign that Tesla has ramped up production, some countered that the cars could be waiting for repairs. Tesla is rumored to have been struggling with production and quality problems for the past few weeks on the Model 3 line.


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A new drone flyover video seems to indicate that Tesla has managed production and quality problems. The video displays auto transporters loading Model 3. A constant flow of auto transporters entering and leaving the factory with Model 3s was reported by witnesses.

Here is the new video:

This article has also been published in German.


  1. The majority of the spaces are empty and there was no traffic whatsoever in the video. No new cars being parked and no cars being loaded for transport. I don’t see this video as good news for Tesla. I see it as another reason for concern.


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