Tesla hits record 100,000 deliveries, Model 3 in Q4 at 1,550 deliveries

Tesla announced today their vehicle delivery numbers for Q4 / 2017. And it’s been a record year for them. A total of 29,870 was delivered, here are the details for the models:

 Model S 15,200
 Model X  13,120
 Model 3  1,550
Total  29,870

Q4/17 delivery results are 9% better than Q3/17, which held the record so far. Compared to Q4/16 the delivery numbers increased by 27%. 2017 is also the first year when Tesla shipped more than 100,000 vehicles, in total 103,097.

But even more vehicles were manufactured. In total 2,425 Model 3 were produced in Q4/17, 860 of them are listed as ‘in transit’ on their way to customers. They will be counted towards the Q1/2018 delivery numbers.

According to the press release, a number of production bottle necks could be solved, ramp-up of Model 3 production is ongoing. The last seven days of 2017 in total 793 Model 3 were manufactured. That’s equivalent to a monthly rate of  approximately 3,400 vehicles. End of Q1/18 Tesla expects a production rate of 2,500 Model 3 per week, End of Q2/18 around 5,000.

This article has also been published in German.

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