NIO’s Autonomous Vehicle Spotted in San Jose

NIO. Why I know that? Well, I asked the driver. And that also settles the question from a Reddit-Thread three months ago. User krazy_kwacker spotted the vehicle exiting NIO’s parking lot and now it’s confirmed that it is in fact NIO’s test vehicle, the very same, as can be seen from the license plate.

I spotted the car at the Chevron gas station on Montague Expressway, just before the ramp to Highway 880. The vehicle was occupied by three people, but I was allowed to take pictures only from outside.

So far NIO officially has been know for it’s cool designs for their planned SUV and sports car. But that NIO’s ambitions are also including developing these cars from the beginning as autonomous vehicles became clear in a meetup with NIO’s self-driving team a few months ago in their San Jose offices.

This article has also been published in German.


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