First Model 3 On The Way To Germany – For Reverse-Engineering

Now that Model 3 deliveries are taking off and sightings are becoming more common in the US some interesting pictures were today. Two Tesla Model 3 securely stored as airfreight with Germany as destination.



While the original tweet mentions the hashtag #Leipzig, the DHL sticker mentions Stuttgart. The assumption is that this valuable freight is going to German automotive manufacturers. Leipzig is the location of BMW’s i3-factory, and Stuttgart is the home of two German manufacturers, Daimler and Porsche, who both announced electric vehicles with the aim to close the gap to Tesla.

That car-makers buy each others car and reverse-engineer them – which means testing, tearing them apart, and analyzing them – is common practice. A few weeks ago an especially spectacular case involving Daimler raised some eyebrows. Daimler had rented a Tesla Model X and severely damaged it in the testing process.

Now that the first Model 3 are being delivered (after the first batch went to Tesla employees) to customers, competitors have the first opportunity to get hold of the car and analyze them. In the sense of stronger competition in electric vehicles we want to hope that the results of the analysis will be improving future German electric vehicles.

This article has also been published in German.



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