Self-Driving Startup Voyage Open Sources Its Safety Technology

The list of open-source-materials for the development of autonomous vehicles sees some additions. Voyage-CEO Oliver Cameron announced the Open Autonomous Safet Initiative (OAS), which includes scenarios, functional safety, autonomous assessment and a toolkit for testing. Later this year additional material for driver training, scenarios and fault injection will be provided.

Those materials and tools are the very same that Voyage is using for developing its robotaxis. Voyage was founded beginning of 2017 and is testing robotaxis in gated communities with retirees in San Jose, CA, and The Villages in Florida.

The motivation behind this initiative is a result of other examples. Oliver Cameron mentions that the open source operation system Linux got to the point of a very stable system only because developers from all around the world helped to improve it. To make a two ton vehicle drive safely on public roads needs at least as much efforts and the work of many people. The results should be available for anyone developing and deploying self-driving cars.

Voyage has a more detailed overview of this OAS initiative on its website.

This article has also been published in German.


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