nextmove: Model 3 Breaks Through 1.000 Kilometer-Mark With One Charge

German car rental company nextmove hit a new distance record for a Model 3. Exactly 1.001 kilometers (622 miles) were accomplished with one charge. The feat was pulled of with several tricks: the vehicle drove on a closed-off track in Autopilot-mode with an average speed of 38 km/h (23.6 miles per hour). On board was not a human, but a spaceman-like dummy.

As the company reports ion its blog (in German), the car was equipped with a 75-kWh-battery-pack (Model 3 Long Range) and took 28 hours for the distance on the DEKRA-test track at the Lausitzring. Another Model 3 driven by a human reached 978 kilometers (607.7 miles). The record with a human driver was held so far by a US-team with 975 kilometers (605.8).

Fuel efficiency was at approx. 7 kWh on 100 kilometers, is equivalent to approx. 0.7 liters of Diesel for 100 kilometers. this test shows the promise coming true that autonomous driven cars are more fuel efficient than humans. nextmove has multiple US-versions of the Model 3, which the company imported on its own initiative from the US. The Model 3 is scheduled to be available in German latest by 2019.

Here is a video with more details

This article has also been published in German.

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