Volvo’s Autonomous Concept Vehicles

Swedish-Chinese automaker Volvo introduced two autonomous vehicle concepts in the past two days. First, there was the interior-design concept for a autonomous passanger car, which can be used for sleeping, and then an semotruck engine.

Volvo’s 360c concept does not need a driver’s seat, but can be equipped with multiple interior designs. Form the personal sleeper car to a seating arrangemtn as we know it from trains. Distances of 500 kilometers and more can be bridged just by sleeping, and become some serious competition for airlines and trains.

Volvoaims at bringing back travel comfort. Especially flights today resemble a kettle transport, where passengers are crammed into tiny cabins on narrow seats.

The other concept is called Vera, a concept of a trailer tractor without a driver’s cabine. We’ve seen a similar concept by Swedish startup Einride. Volvo’s approach ressembles the airplane tugs on airports, that push planes out of their parking positions.The tractor engine is positioning itself under the trailer and moves the trailer to its destination. Volvoe expects that those tractors are mainly used at container harbors and similar areas that see a large number of containers and semis being moved.

This article has also been published in German.


  1. This is really nitpicking, but Volvo Cars (owned by Geely) and Volvo Trucks (part of Volvo Group) are actually two separate companies. 🙂


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