Zoox Vehicle Spotted

If I hadn’t turned the wrong street, then I still wouldn’t know where the Zoox SF-location is. But that’s how I turned one road too early and suddenly I faced three Zoox vehicles.

The young startup has some turbulent times behind it: first the company raised 800 million dollars in venture capital to develop a fully autonomous vehicle from scratch, and then the CEO and founder Tim Kentley-Klay was fired.

As can be seen on the pictures, the LiDARs are arranged pretty weirdly, because they should reflect the arrangement on the coming Zoox-vehicle. Here’s a video.

I seemed to be in a hotbed of autonomous vehicle testing, as a few seconds later two GMCruise cars turned around the corner.

And then behind the building I saw the containers with the Audi e-tron vehicle and accessories, getting ready for that evening’s presentation of Audi’s first electric car.

This article has also been published in German.

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