Tesla Model 3 One of 3 Safest Cars – All 3 Are Teslas

The NHTSA recently tested Tesla’s Model 3 and gave the vehicles 5-star ratings in all categories. But not only that, of the three safest vehicles with the lowest probability of passenger injuries, all three are Teslas. The Model 3 is the safest, then the Model S and then the Model X.


In an announcement Tesla gives more details on the reasons how the vehicles achieved the safety ratings. The cars have – thanks to the battery being positioned at the floor – a very low center of gravity, and high standards of requirements. The car frame is constructed to withstand four times the weight of the vehicles, while the NTHSA requires only 3 times. The passenger cabins is reinforced as well as the battery frame. Here is a comparison the the Model 3 and a Lexus ES 350.

Because there is no engine in the frunk, which has to move into the passenger cabin during a crash, the whole frunk serves to decrease the impact without having to compromise the passenger cabin.

Here the same situation at a frontal crash against a wall.

Here we can see how the frunk deforms during a frontal crash against a pole.

Just compare that situation with the Mercedes EQC, which has its safety designed counting a combustion engine into the layout. But without an engine, the structural integrity of the vehicle would be compromised during a crash. That’s why Mercedes put this clunky steel frame in the frunk instead of the engine, which now doesn’t leave any space for a frunk.

This article has also been published in German.

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