Drive.AI Starts Public Service With Autonomous Vehicles in Arlington

Starting today, Drive.AI – a startup building the self-driving car – is operating a public shuttle service in Arlington, Texas. The city with 400,000 inhabitants is now able to book a ride from a fleet of self-driving Drive.AI vehicles via Drive.AI-app or via kiosks tat are located along the routes.

Already in July the company started a similar service in Frisco, also in Texas.

More and more startups working on self-driving car technology are launching their self-driving services for  the public. Waymo just a fee days ago soft-launched their service and is on the verge of adding hundreds of cars to its fleet. In contrast to Drive.AI, Waymo’s cars are not driving fixed routes, but they are flexible and going any route within the mapped Phoenix-area.

This article has also been published in German.


  1. Hello Mr. Herger,

    I wanted to ask if there was a way that I could support the driverless vehicle being created. Due to a head injury I do not drive or own a car. I have completed both my Bachelors and my Masters and was let go from my position at a small private college in North Carolina. I have had a difficult time trying to obtain a position that doesn’t require a driver’s license.


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