Self-Driving Cars Recognizing Things [VIDEOS]

In time for the season there are some arguments being brought up. Specifically, what a self-driving car does when it encounters children inHalloween costumes on the road, and how it would not recognize them. Well, that’s not true as we can see among the following videos.

I’ve done the effort to make a list of videos displaying different driving scenarios, some of which happen on a regular base, some almost never, but still were recorded. Note that self-driving cars, once they encountered a scenario, share this one with all other cars in the fleet. Step-by-step, the fleet becomes better.

Also: I am missing some examples. For instance, one with a self-driving car reacting to a plastic bag on the road. If anyone has such an example and others, please let me know

Children in Halloween costumes

Person in sand storm

Ball on the road

Vehicle predicts accident

Elderly lady in electric wheel chair chasing a duck

Driving in snow

Jogger on road

Bicyclist giving hand signal

Police officer giving hand signal

Bicyclist riding against road direction

Conference bike

Bicyclist crossing at red light

Other bicyclist running a red light

Other car running a red light

Bird flying in front of car

Children in a toy pedal car

Autonomous car avoiding blind spot of other car

Letting pass on narrow streeet

People pushing a car

Making space for bicyclists on narrowing road

People frog jumping around autonomous car

Man rolls over hood of self-driving car

Nude man running in front of self-driving car

This article was also published in German.


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