CYNGN Shows First Autonomous Vehicles

In September last year CYNGN was the 42nd company being issued a license for testing autonomous vehicles in California. And now the company has published a first video showing a series of their vehicles. Beside autonomous electric shuttles, the company also has a regular passenger car, and small cargo transporters part of their test fleet. The tests took place – as can be seen in the video – in Palo Alto, Stanford and a container dock (probably Oakland).

Noteworthy is that the vehicles are equipped with one LiDAR only, plus some cameras. The small shuttles do have a monitor in the passenger cabin, supposedly to display for the passengers what the vehicle is seeing.

Cyngn, a startup that raised 115 million dollars in venture capital based in Palo Alto, has been known for trying to build a better Android OS than Google. After the company dropped that idea end of 2016 it now seems to focus in autonomous driving technology.

Here is the video:

This article has also been published in German.

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