First Public Tour Through Tesla’s Gigafactory 1

Tesla has been secretive with insights into the Gigafactory, but a few days ago local media got a tour through the building and could see the production.

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development of the State of Nevada spoke in its report of a very successful development project. So far 7,000 jobs were created through the Gigafactory and the economic environment in the state changed permanently. Tesla has also surpassed the expectations of state in all its metrics, with billion dollars that have so far been invested by Tesla and its partners in the region.


In total the Gigafactory has brought 22 percent more investments than projected. But not only battery cells and packs are produced, but also large numbers of drivetrains for the Model 3. Starting 2020 it is rumored that Tesla’s next vehicle, the Model Y, is going to be produced in the Gigafactory.

This article was also published in German.


  1. Mario, you just forgot mention the downsides??? Like the subsidies that tax payers are giving to elon. It would be much more reliable and professional, if you would just dig a little deeper than what elon says… 😉


    1. You mean, like all the other subsidies that companies such as GM received for bailouts? Or the estimate that at least a third of the US military budget every year of 200+ billion goes into securing oil supply and thus keeping oil prices artificially low and subsidizing the oil and car industry?

      I rather give a subsidy – that they actually return with so many jobs and sustainable technology that is worldwide leading – than to the oil and combustion engine car industry.

      So give him credit where it is necessary and challenge the others where they need to.


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