Tesla Model S-Fire Caused by Gunshot

The fire that broke out in December 2014 in a new Tesla Model S was apparently caused by a gun fired inside the car. As electrek reports, John Schneider from Pennsylvania received on December 31st, 2014 his new Model S from Tesla. At the drive home smoke and flames started to emit from the back seats of the car. Schneider stopped and exited the car, and could only watch the car being consumed by the fire.

Because of several reports of burning teslas, the company was alert to potential problems and took possession of the wreck the very same day for further investigation. The company also offered Schneider a deal for a replacement car. 

After several weeks Tesla withdrew the offer, because the investigations found the the cause of the battery fire. Somebody had fired a bullet into the battery pack from the back seats. Tesla engineers had found the bullet in the wreckage.

Electrek posted the full legal documents.

This article was also published in German.

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