Romance Mode And Fart App in Newest Tesla-Update

Model names that put together form the word S,3X,Y. Sleighs with Santa Claus as car symbol, James Bond Easter Egg, and a Model X with Christmas song and waving Falcon Wing Doors.

We’ve all seen those Easter Eggs uploaded via over-the-air updates on Teslas, much to the delight of their owners. And in time for Christmas Tesla brought some new Easter Eggs. First, there is the fart app, which can replace the usual turn signal sound – and that in six variants:

  1. Not a Fart (a reference to Musk’s sales of  Not a Flamethrower)
  2. Short Shorts Ripper (a reference to Short Sellers that Musk hates)
  3. Falcon Heavy (the SpaceX rocket )
  4. Ludicrous Fart (what speed does that fart have?)
  5. Neurastink (a reference to yet another Musk company Neuralink)
  6. Boring (as in The Boring Company)

Here you can hear how that sounds:

if you think that’s too much potty humor, then you can use the breaks at supercharging stations to get yourself into a romantic mood with the Romance mode, that brings a cozy yule log fire onto the touchscreen.

Well, Christmas can come…

This article was also published in German.

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