Tesla Charging Stations At Santana Row [VIDEO]

Just a Saturday at San Jose’s Santana Row parking garage on the 4th floor with around 30 the charging stations for Tesla. As you can see, they are packed. And the first floor has some more Tesla charging stations.

And before I forget: the destination chargers are free…

This article was also published in German.


  1. Right, they are free, and they are slow (so not harmful to battery) and they are reserved for Teslas and on top of it all, there is no penalty if you remain there after you are full, unlike the superchargers right next to them. This is a busy mall so of course you are going to try to park your Tesla there. But even when the parking lot is not full the Tesla chargers can be full.

    Unless you need a supercharge, but most people don’t. Now, if I did need a supercharge (ie. I was a tourist to the area) this is probably the best supercharger there is. Lots of shops and decent restaurants a very short walk away. Valet service available for a fee if parking is tight and you don’t want to have to move your car mid-meal. Presumably it has a fee.


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