Tesla Delivers 97,000 Cars In Q3 And Sells More Cars In Norway Than Gasoline And Diesel Cars Combined

Tesla closed Q3/2019 with a record 97,000 vehicles delivered. In Tesla’s press release the Californian automaker reports production at 96,155 vehicles. For Q4 the company sees already a larger than usual backlog of orders.

Model S/X16,31817,40015%
Model 37,83779,6008%

Nearly all of the Model 3 orders were received from customers who did not previously hold a reservation, which could also point towards the company breaking the 100,000 vehicle delivery for Q4.

At the same time Norway announced their September numbers. The Model 3 alone had a record 21 percent of market share in new vehicle registrations. Every fourth newly registered car (24.8 percent) in Norway was a Tesla.

Considering that all battery electric vehicles account for 54.5 percent market share (absolute number of 6,086 vehicles), and Plugin Hybrids for 10.2 percent (1,139 vehicles) of newly registered cars, then Tesla – with their Model S, X, and 3 – has sold more cars in September than all pure gasoline (10.3 percent) and Diesel cars (12.4 percent) together.

Quelle: Opplysningsrådet for Veitrafikken AS (OFV AS)

This article was also published in German.

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