What A Tesla-Battery Read-Out Reveals

Which Tesla owner has never asked himself how much battery is really installed in his own vehicle and how its capacity develops over the years? Morell Westermann also asked himself this question and didn’t leave it at that. He set to work and with the help of a self-soldered cable, a connection with CAN-BUS to Bluetooth OBD2 adapter, and a smartphone app, he was able to read and display the data generated by Tesla-Drivetrain.

Morell had more questions than I listed here, and they were:

  • How many kWh “real” usable capacity does its battery have?
  • How many charge cycles does the battery have?
  • How many of them were DC quick charges / superchargers?
  • What does the degeneration of the battery look like?
  • Wouldn’t the battery have to be replaced as a warranty claim?
  • How much KW drive power does the battery management system really release?
  • Or rather trivial: how much does the heater consume?

He gained some surprising insights that explain how Tesla, for example, unlocks additional “battery capacity” so that Tesla owners can safely escape from disaster areas. The detailed results of his analysis can be found on his blog (in German).

This article was also published in German.

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