Training Video for Emergency Responders Interacting With A Self-Driving Waymo Vehicle

Now that Waymo has really entered the post-driverless era and the first completely driverless cars are operating in Phoenix, Arizona, it will also be important to know how emergency responders can handle vehicles in the event of an accident. Waymo has released a first training video, shot in conjunction with the Chandler fire department, demonstrating for emergency responders how handle such a car

The video shows how to ensure that the vehicle is switched to manual operation and wouldn’t start driving itself. Also who can be contacted and how the vehicle can be secured. It is demonstrated how the plug-in hybrid can be disconnected from the battery and thus disconnected from the power supply.

Interesting is also a first insight into the vehicle’s trunk, where Waymo’s self-driving system and its power supply are located. In the deep beam of the vehicle there are also cooling lines, which provide coolant to the sensors on the roof of the vehicle.

This article was also published in German.


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