Electric Motorcycle With A Certain … Something?

Curtiss Motorcycles has managed to attract public attention with a specific design approach to electric motorcycles. Not so much because of the proud price and performance data (more on this later), but because of the design. Many people were immediately struck by the battery’s rather masculine and, in this form, very generously equipped design element.

The power of the 217 hp (160 kW) engine and the resulting torque of 200 Nm (147 lb-ft) was also viewed critically, as the design did not look as if it could handle these forces. The battery capacity itself is 16.8 kWh, the motorcycle weighs 177 kilograms (390 lb)

The latest design for the Curtiss Hades 1, which is scheduled for delivery from spring, has weakened the phallic shape somewhat, but not the price. This electric motorcycle costs an impressive 60,000 dollars (53,730 euros), far above the LiveWire from Harley Davidson, which is available at half the price, namely from 30,000 dollars (26,860 euros). It can already be ordered now.

In an unrelated note, BMW has declared that it is currently not planning to build an electric motorbike.

Here is another video from Curtiss Motorcycles to explain the logic behind the original design approach.

This article was also published in German.

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