Lyft/Aptiv Reach 100.000 Robotaxi Rides

For more than a year, Aptiv and Lyft have been operating a robotaxi service in Las Vegas, combining the strengths of both partners. Lyft as a ridesharing service, and Aptiv as a developer of self-driving technology. Today, the two companies announced that they have already completed more than 100,000 commercial rides on their robotaxis.

Although there are still safety drivers behind each of the autonomous robot taxis based on BMWs, the vehicles are supposed to perform most of the maneuvers independently. Passengers can order autonomous taxis via the Lyft app – that is, if one is available.

The two partners report that the vast majority of passengers were enthusiastic about the robotaxi ride, as reflected in a 98 percent satisfaction rate of passengers awarding 5 out of 5 stars and subsequently advocating the technology.

Lyft itself is researching self-driving technology in Palo Alto with its Level 5 Division. Some sightings are here.

This article was also published in German.

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