Completely Ugly, Ridiculous, But The Best Prerequisites For A Cult Car – The Citroën Ami

The Mini, the BMW Isetta or the Renault Twingo never had a car design that impressed drivers. But they did have character and thus gained their followers and became a cult. So why not build on this proven model?

That’s what French manufacturer Citroën thought and presents now the Citroën Ami (in English: Citroën Friend). A completely ugly, ridiculous, and therefore so cute vehicle. Actually it is not a car, but one of those moped cars with a maximum speed of 45 km/h, a 5.5 kW battery that offers 70-75 km range. With a normal 220 volt power supply the car can be charged in 3 hours.

The car is very compact, has room for two occupants and weighs 490 kilograms. At 2.41 meters in length, 1.36 meters in width and 1.52 meters in height, it fits into even the smallest parking space. The moped car registrations are valid, i.e. in some countries you can even drive it from the age of 14 and without a driving license. It is ideally suited as a city vehicle.

As the testers learned, the vehicle accelerates with quite a pull. It doesn’t match up with a Tesla, but electric works here as well. By the way, it has so-called suicide doors that open to the rear. From the inside you open the door with an orange loop. The vehicle is equipped very spartan, which makes the price very attractive. The vehicle is available as Ami Ami from €6.000,- to My Ami, My Ami Pop up to the luxury variant My Ami Vibe at €7.360,-. The leasing variant also starts monthly from €19,- to €109,-, depending on the model and down payment.

Just to mention: the shell is made of plastic and looks as if you could get it in a box to build it yourself. Interestingly, Citroën does not sell the Ami at its car dealers, but at the electronics and bookstore chains Fnac and Darty.

The video is in French, but shows the car quite well.

And here another video about the Citroën Ami:

This article was also published in German.


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