BMW Starts iX3 Production [VIDEO]

Today, BMW began production of the first all-electric car in the new series, the iX3. Although the i3 has been in production since 2013, the iX is based on a (allegedly) completely new concept of a pure electric car model series. Vehicle production at BMW Brilliance takes place at the Chinese plant in Shenyang City.

BMW Brilliance Automotive Board Member Franz Decker said on the occasion of the start of production;

“Today, we begin production of the BMW iX3, the first pure electric model from our core BMW brand. With a production system like this, specialised for high quality, we are able to deliver what customers worldwide demand from premium vehicles.”

The iX3s from the Chinese plant are also to serve other markets. The vehicle is equipped with an 80kWh battery and is supposed to have a WLTP range of 460 kilometers.

The electric vehicles seem to be manufactured on the same production line as the internal combustion engines. A short sequence shows the iX3 with what is presumably an X3 on the same production line. Also the center tunnel seems to indicate that here, as already seen with the Mercedes EQC, a dual equipment is used, i.e. if it sells, electric, if not, again combustion engine. The result could be the same as with the EQC: neither a good combustion engine vehicle nor a good electric car.

iX3 production together with a combustion engine vehicle

Here is a video of the production:

This article was also published in German.

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