Canoo Announces New Vehicle Based On Skateboard-Platform

Thanks to the drive-train, electric cars are changing the way vehicles can be designed. Tesla already saw the new possibilities offered by electric motors, which are much smaller than combustion engines, and for example the frunk – an additional trunk in the front, where the engine is in combustion vehicles. The battery located under the passengers on the floor and the omission of the tank and exhaust system also allowed the trunk to be made larger and the space in the passenger compartment to be used differently from the space occupied by the transmission in the case of combustion engines.

Now the nearby start-up Canoo (formerly known as Evelozcity), founded by three Germans in 2017 in Torrance, has published the first videos showing the opportunities that electric mobility could offer for the new thinking in automotive engineering. A first video showed completely slimmed down platforms consisting of nothing but battery, electric motor, four wheels and a steering wheel with driver’s seat. No cabin, no trim, nothing. Canoo calls this the ‘skateboard concept’.

In a new video, the team talks about the philosophy behind the skateboard concept and briefly shows a number of different concepts that are conceivable on this skateboard concept. A new Canoo vehicle will be unveiled on December 17th, 2020.

This article was also published in German.

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