500,000 Vehicles: Tesla Auto Transporters Swarming Out To Reach 2020 Goal

Tesla’s year-end sprint to reach 500,000 vehicles in 2020 is well underway. Here’s a video taken on December 27, 2020 between 4:06pm and 5:04pm as we drove west on highways 152 and 101 from Los Baños to San Jose. We see a total of 18 Tesla auto transporters with 8 or 9 new Tesla vehicles in each.

I saw a total of 18 Tesla transporters, each with 8 or 9 new Tesla vehicles. Since I drive the route about every two weeks, I can easily compare the amount of transporters. On normal Sunday afternoons, I usually see between four and six Tesla auto transporters there. This time, however, there were three times as many! Tesla appears to have massively ramped up its efforts to deliver vehicles to customers in time before the end of the year to meet its 2020 goal of 500,000 vehicles. That would be the first time in Tesla’s history.

This article was also published in German.


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