Tesla Manufactures 75% More Cars In Q1/2021

Even a pandemic cannot stop the Tesla machinery. With 180,338 vehicles, 75 percent more cars were produced in Q1 2021 than in the same period in 2020 (102,672 units). Even more were delivered: 184,800 vehicles, 109 percent more than in Q1 2020, when Tesla delivered 88,400. At the same time, Tesla’s production record from the strongest fourth quarter of 2020 to date was also surpassed by 581 cars.

Q1 production was exclusively Model 3 and Y, as the Model X and S are undergoing a model change and production is expected to restart in the next few weeks.

If Tesla is able to maintain its production figures, and if one adds the fact that the two factories under construction in Berlin-Grünheide and in Austin will start operations in the second half of the year, a total annual production of at least 800,000 vehicles, if not over one million, can already be expected. We prepared an analysis on this several months ago.

This article was also published in German.


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