Nio Integrates Cute Little Voice Robot Named NOMI In Car

The Chinese electric car manufacturer NIO is preparing its vehicles for the international markets. In addition to English-language menus, this also includes the corresponding voice recognition system, which communicates with the vehicle’s occupants through a cute little robot on the dashboard.

With its big eyes, NOMI, as the voice assistant is called, makes “eye contact” with the occupants and follows their instructions. Among other things, it can set the seat heating, answer questions about range, and receive all sorts of other parameters and instructions.

However, such gimmicks, which seem unimportant at first, increase acceptance and facilitate and encourage the use of such tools. NOMI also increases safety when a driver’s gaze is no longer directed to the dashboard or smartphone, but can receive support through them by pure voice control.

Here is a video:

This article was also published in German.

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