Tesla Reports Another Record Quarter, Beats Forecasts For Q3/2021 And Possibly All Of 2021

Tesla is rushing from one record quarter to the next. Today, the company announced production and sales figures for the third quarter of 2021, continuing the increases. Across all models, more vehicles were delivered than produced, suggesting demand remains strong.

Tesla Model S/X8,9419,275
Tesla Model 3/Y228,882232,025
Tesla Q3 / 2021

Tesla produced a total of 237,823 vehicles and delivered 241,300 to customers. Together with the figures from the first two quarters, Tesla has thus already produced 624,582 vehicles and delivered 627,350 in 2021. This is already 26 percent more vehicles delivered and 23 percent more vehicles produced compared to the entire year 2020, when 509,737 were produced and 499,550 were delivered.

1st Quarter180,338184,800
2nd Quarter206,421201,250
3rd Quarter237,823241,300
Tesla YTD 2021

If Tesla can maintain the average quarterly increase, even taking into account the expected first productions from the new Tesla factories in Austin in Texas and in Berlin-Grünheide, then Tesla should scratch the mark of 900,000 vehicles produced and delivered. This figure would far exceed the 794,285 that I forecast only in January 2021 due to the average annual increases from the past.

January 2021 forecast of exponential growth increases at Tesla for the next years

This article was also published in German.


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