Stock Market Rally For Rivian And Lucid Continues

The stock price rally of the two newcomers to the New York Stock Exchange, Lucid Motors and Rivian, continues. The two pure electric car manufacturers have a combined stock market value that, at 241 billion US dollars (213 billion euros), almost reaches that of Toyota at 259 billion dollars (229 billion euros). both companies have only increased in value after their stock market launch.

Rivian, which only went public last week, is already the third most valuable car company with a market capitalization of $151.95 billion (134.5 billion euros), Lucid the eighth most valuable with $89.82 billion (79.5 billion euros), and is just behind General Motors and well ahead of Ford and also BMW. This is all the more remarkable given that the two newcomers together have only delivered just under 200 cars so far.

Among the ten most valuable car companies, Tesla, Rivian and Lucid are three pure electric car manufacturers, while two others, Nio and Xpeng, rank 12th and 16th. only

Top 25 Car Companies by Market Capitalization – Source

This article was also published in German.

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