Kopernikus Demonstrates Automated Parking [VIDEO]

German startup Kopernikus Automotive demonstrated automated parking coordinated by cameras and servers in a garage at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. A dozen cameras are installed on the roof of the garage of the Renaissance Hotel just across the street from the Las Vegas Conference Center, whose task is to identify free parking spaces, determine the position and direct the vehicles, and detect obstacles.

A small onboard computer is controlled by the central server located in the building and navigates the car. The cameras are simple, low-cost surveillance cameras located every two or three parking spaces, each covering the opposite parking spaces, as well as the entire center area. The application area can be imagined from automated parking in garages to automated driving of finished vehicles in a car factory from the production line to the delivery parking lot.

The two founders Stefan Jenzowsky and Tim von Törne demonstrated the automated parking function using three scenarios:

Scenario 1: The vehicle searches for a free parking space

Scenario 2: The vehicle looks for a free parking space, and has to stop several times because a pedestrian steps in front of the car.

Scenario 3: The vehicle is looking for a free parking space and has to stop several times because another moving vehicle comes too close.

Interesting detail on the side: the demo vehicle is a Ford SUV with Würzburg license plates, which Continental flew in from Germany to Chicago and which Stefan then drove in a cross-country trip to Las Vegas. Stefan has written a short report about it.

Continental is a shareholder of Kopernikus (see press release from August 2021).

This article was also published in German.


  1. Well, sure. I saw VW do a demo of that in 2009 (with no sensors in the parking lot) and Audi did one at CES 2011 (I think with some sensors in the lot.) Mercedes has it as a commercial operation in Stuttgart airport. So a bit late to the game here, particularly with an infrastructure based solution where you can only use it in some specialized lots.


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