A Ride in a Tesla through the Boring Tunnel in Las Vegas

Directly in front of the Center Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center is an exit to the tunnel that Tesla CEO Elon Musk built with his tunnel company Boring. Once you reach the bottom of the escalator, you can hop into one of the waiting Teslas – mostly Model Y – for free and be driven to the West and South Halls of the convention center.

The ride to the South Hall takes about a minute and a half at just under 50 km/h. Everything goes very quietly and without exhaust fumes, and as you can see, with quite a lot of traffic.

Does this tunnel make sense? At this year’s CES 2022, which had far fewer visitors due to the COVID situation, and thus also much less traffic around the conference center, hardly. But for the walking-impaired and those with difficulty walking, it is certainly a relief. Otherwise, I would see the tunnel more as an advertising campaign by Musk for Tesla and Boring and thus as a showcase project for potential tunnel construction projects in cities and regions.

Here is the video of the tunnel and the rides:

This article was also published in German.


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