German Startup Presents Platform for Delivery Robots, a German-Indian startup based near Stuttgart, unveiled its new OnePlatform for delivery robots a few days ago. The distributed team started in 2019 to develop miniaturized research vehicles for autonomous driving, using off-the-shelf components and software that are accessible to everyone, including ROS/ROS2, the associated open source stack, Autoware.AI, and NVIDIA hardware (Jetson Xavier Nano / NX /AGX).

The focus is clearly on delivery robots, which has developed due to the pandemic-related development online shopping and contactless delivery . While in the USA Nuro, Udelv, Kiwi, Starship Technologies and other delivery robots from various manufacturers are already quite widely in use, there is still little to be seen of them in Europe. offers with the OnePlatform a multiple applicable autonomous robotic solution for the indoor and outdoor area. The completely autonomous vehicle equipped with 4-wheel drive, battery and sensors can be equipped with various superstructures for different purposes in the delivery, logistics and production area.

By 2024, the company aims to grow from 5 to 50 employees and to enter the European delivery market with road-ready delivery vehicles. is a partner of M.TECH Accelerator and NVIDIA Inception Program. Here is a short video of the new OnePlatform solution:

This article was also published in German.


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