First Driverless Waymo Rides in San Francisco

Since yesterday, the first driverless Waymos have been on the road in San Francisco. Waymo had already received permission to drive without a driver in large parts of the city some time ago, but only now are they really driving without a safety driver.

As Waymo co-CEO Dmitri Dolgov announced, for now, these first rides are only with Waymo employees as passengers.

Waymo is not the first company to offer driverless cab rides in San Francisco. Cruise is already doing it too, and even for outside passengers, not just Cruise employees. Waymo has already been operating a driverless robot taxi service in Phoenix, Arizona, since October 2020, where it just celebrated its 500,000th driverless mile.

Here’s a video of the first driverless ride, conducted by a Waymo engineer on a trip to the coffee shop:

This article was also published in German.

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