Rivian Produced 2,553 Vehicles in Q1 of 2022

Rivian announced today in its quarterly figures that it had produced a total of 2,553 vehicles in the past three months and delivered 1,227 of them. In addition to the R1T pickup truck shown in the following video, production of the R1S SUV is also said to have already begun.

With that, Rivian manufactured 3,568 vehicles since production began last year and delivered 2,147. After going public, Rivian still has $18 billion in cash reserves, and an order list of 80,000 pre-orders. However, the company expects further losses in the near term until production scales.

The following is a small compilation of my own encounters with R1T in the San Francisco Bay Area. I also managed to get a video of Rivian’s electric van today.

This article was also published in German.

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