Drone Flight Through AutoX’s Operation Center

One thousand robotaxis sound very abstract and unimaginable when you first hear about them. Even with smaller numbers, such as those of Waymo with 120+ robotaxis, one can imagine little about it, until one sees the videos of the depot and the spit remains away.

Such a video has been published by the Chinese start-up AutoX, which flew a drone through the Shenzhen Pingshan Operation Center. Over several floors, we follow the path through the garage, which is filled with hundreds of robot cabs. Yet this is just one of 10 Operation Centers that together house 1,000 robotaxis. Four of the ten Operation Centers serve the city of Shenzhen.

AutoX Robotaxi Operation Center Locations

The four lower floors are for charging, maintenance, parking and data exchange of our Robocars. The two upper floors serve as workspaces for our employees who operate and maintain the robo-cars.

This article was also published in German.

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