In the Lucid Air

I was treated to a short test drive in the Motor Trend Car of 2022, the Lucid Air, and specifically the Grand Touring version. With up to 516 miles (825 kilometers) of range, up to 1,050 horsepower (more than twice as much as my Tesla Model 3 Performance) at a price starting at $154,000, the car offers a lot.

The space in the vehicle is tremendous. I sat in the back while driving and had a lot of space for my feet. The inside is very luxurious and well finished, with lots of details. The vehicle rides very comfortably, and is great for long trips. I was particularly taken with the panoramic roof, which allows you to sit almost in the open air.

The trunk and frunk are also very large. They currently offer the most storage space of any electric car. Here’s a little video from that joyride in California.

The Last Driver’s License Holder Has Already Been Born

How the radical disruption of the auto industry affects you―and how you can prepare for the soon-to-be “new normal”

The combined effect of autonomous driving, electric vehicles, and the sharing economy is on the verge of changing the auto industry―all within the next decade. And this tech/economics revolution will touch virtually every industry.

It reveals the disruptive technologies now taking shape and provides a timeline of when they will take hold. It examines the impact on the industry itself, as well as adjacent sectors, including jobs and professions, city and street design, hospitals, insurances, politics, security, hospitality industry, the oil industry, real estate, and society at large.

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This article was also published in German.

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