Rivian’s Portable Kitchen Demonstrates What EVs Can Do Differently

A detail on the Rivian R1T pickup truck shows how electric cars create opportunities for new applications. In this case, the built-in kitchen between the passenger cabin and the flatbed. Here, a Rivian designer shows what’s hiding here: hot plates, dishes, pots and cooking utensils, as well as two 110V outlets (the standard in the U.S.) and 12V outlets.

Let’s think about what would be needed in an internal combustion vehicle: for example, the engine would have to run to supply the electricity. Also, there would not be the space in the vehicle, because there would be a cardan tunnel in the way.

This small example gives us a foretaste of what we can expect in the future in terms of new concepts that are not so easy or even possible with gasoline and diesel vehicles because of their design and characteristics.

Dieser Beitrag ist auch auf Englisch erschienen.

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