BlueSpace.AI Receives California Test License

Founded in 2019, US $3.4 million in venture capital raised to date, and as of today, a license to test autonomous vehicles. These are the key data of, a startup founded by two former employees (Christine Moon) and co-founders (Joel Pazhayampallil), respectively, of (acquired by Apple in 2019).

According to the company website, the company is trying to solve the following problem: is a software company that was founded to solve the “black box” problem of perception and prediction in autonomous driving. Our team consists of AV industry veterans with an average 10+ years of experience each working in OEMs, world-class research institutions, and autonomous driving companies. Collectively, we’ve had successful AV service launches in California, Texas, and Florida.

As a result, 50 companies currently again hold a test license for autonomous driving on all public roads in California, which are issued by the California DMV.

On their YouTube channel, the company already provides some videos.

This article was also published in German.

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