Almost Driverless Cruise Ride at Halloween

The day before Halloween, I went on two (almost) driverless cruises in San Francisco with two friends from Vorarlberg, Austria. And after just a few minutes, the two realized that they had very quickly gotten used to not seeing anyone in the driver’s seat and that autonomous driving is already here.

During this ride – this time with Katydid – we again saw passers-by enthusiastically pointing to the empty driver’s seat. In any case, we waved back from the back seats like the Queen used to do. We felt like royals.

For this 9 minute long ride I only recorded a one minute segment of the ride.

On the drive back from Fillmore Street to Polk Street, Scarab’s driver’s seat was exceptionally not empty, as is usually the case. From there, a scarecrow with big eyes stared at us. In the full nine-minute-long video it can be seen at the very end…

For me those were the 12th and 13th rides in a driverless Cruise robotaxi.

This article was also published in German.

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